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CDC Warns These States May See COVID Outbreak

The Midwest is showing signs of a ‘third wave in the heartland.’

During a week of potentially good news—the summer coronavirus surge is slowing—COVID-19 is still causing major concern, as outbreaks appear at certain colleges and universities, and some states are still struggling to contain the virus. Here are the ones in danger of more outbreaks, and to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic, don't miss this essential list of the Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.



Road Trip to Experience a Spectacular Sunset at the Castle Rock State Park in Kansas

"Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly called having reported cases in all 105 counties 'an unfortunate milestone' following 'a bad weekend'" according to KCTV. "The virus does not know borders, obviously. This is evidence of that." She added that the infection rate across her state, which included an outbreak at the University of Kansas as students moved in, "continues an alarming trend in the wrong direction." 



LOUISVILLE, KY, USA - JULY 10, 2016: Fourth Street Live an entertainment and retail complex located in Louisville Kentucky.

"In Kentucky, Gov. Andy Beshear warned cases could spike again as the state reported more deaths last week than 'in any other week battling the virus.'" reports CNN. "Beshear said the state is seeing 'troubling signs' and is at 'the same moment that Kentucky was at in the beginning of the summer.'" "More people are trying to get out of the quarantine than the health department has recommended," the governor said.



An evening view of the Omaha, Nebraska

"Middle America right now is getting stuck," CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said last week. "That is why it's so important for Middle America to recognize the mitigation that we talked about … it's for Middle America too, the Nebraskas, the Oklahomas….We don't need to have a third wave in the heartland right now." Nebraska reported a case linked to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in North Dakota.



Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA skyline at twilight.

Also on Dr. Redfield's watch list, Oklahoma is trying to tamp down the coronavirus to dizzying effect. "COVID-19 does not discriminate. We're learning that more and more as the weeks go on and stories of loss and suffering emerge," reports Fox 25. "31-year old Lizzy Sanchez was a young, vibrant mom who lost her battle with coronavirus just three months before delivering her third child."



Railroad Tracks Leading Into the Industrial Part of Saint Paul Minnesota

"More than 70,000 Minnesotans have tested positive for COVID-19 after 717 new cases were announced Monday by state health officials," reports the Star Tribune. "The new case counts comes as public health officials in several states are monitoring COVID-19 infections that appear to be linked to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held earlier this month in South Dakota."


How to Avoid COVID-19

Happy young woman wearing protective face mask disinfects her hands with alcohol sanitizer while sitting at table in restaurant on summer day.

As for yourself, no matter where you live: Wear your face mask, and avoid crowds, social distance, only run essential errands, wash your hands frequently, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 37 Places You're Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus.

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