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Costco Is Now Selling This Premium-Quality Beef

The cut is known for its fat marbling and buttery texture.

Meat lovers of all stripes hail Costco as their go-to source for top-quality meat. The retailer, known for one of the nation's largest fresh meat selections, can be relied on for prime cuts of just about any type of meat, especially beef. While the prices reflect Costco's fresh meat philosophy, customers recently spotted one particularly prized cut of beef being sold at a very reasonable price at their local store.

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According to Mashed, splurge-worthy Wagyu beef was found on offer at a Costco location in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Reddit user basedmoon. The shopper posted a picture of a two-pack of Wagyu New York strip steaks, which are retailing at $99.99 per pound. And while the price may seem outrageous to some, it is actually much lower than what meat connoisseurs would expect to pay for a pound of Wagyu beef, which can cost up to $200.

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If you're familiar with Wagyu, you'll understand why it comes with such a hefty price tag. Originating in Japan, this tender meat is produced from a breed of cows with more intramuscular fat cells. Because the fat is distributed more evenly throughout the muscle tissue, the meat produced from these cows is more tender and flavorful than any other in the world.

While Costco seems to carry Japanese Wagyu, most Wagyu in the U.S. comes from domestic production. American Wagyu is known for its highly-marbled, rich, and tender flavor that practically melts in your mouth. Although the Japanese Wagyu is considered by some to be the only legitimate Wagyu beef, American producers use imported Japanese cattle to achieve comparable results.

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