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Costco Is Selling This Iconic Dessert Again and Shoppers Are Delighted

The beloved cheesecake is back at an amazing price.

When Costco wants to add some festive seasonal magic to its bakery section, they often turn to famed cheesecake-maker Junior's for a sweet collaboration. And it looks like the onset of the Fall season is cause for celebration at the big box retailer, because Costco just teamed up with the NYC-based dessert brand to bring its customers a Fall-themed cake.

You can now find Junior's apple crumb–flavored cheesecake at select Costco locations across the country. It's an 8-inch, 3-pound cake that features a layer of tart apples with cinnamon and a delicate streusel crumb topping mixed with the famous cheesecake. The delicious dessert sells for $15.99, which is an incredible steal considering the fact that the exact same cake costs $43.95 on Junior's own website.

juniors cheesecake
Junior's Restaurant & Cheesecake/ Facebook

The cake is good for about ten servings, each of which will set you back about 400 calories. However, it's a vegetarian-friendly cheesecake which doesn't contain animal-derived gelatin (like many other cheesecakes do).

This is the third time this year that Costco is carrying Junior's baked goods. In February, the grocer was selling adorable chocolate-covered cheesecake hearts, also at a major discount. And in April, Costco shoppers were treated to a delightful Easter-themed Junior's cake shaped like an egg. The Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake, however, was quite an unexpected product from Junior's, because it wasn't a cheesecake but a regular chocolate cake with alternating layers of white and milk chocolate.

Junior's launched its iconic cheesecakes in 1950s in Brooklyn, and they have since become synonymous with New York's favorite dessert. You can order them online and even on QVC, and they're shipped nationwide.

While many retailers carry Junior's products, they rarely sell at such a low price, so the Costco collaboration is always a treat for fans.

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