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Costco is Selling This Beloved Grocery Essential Again

They are in stores but they are going fast!

Grocery shortages have been pretty common in 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, many items were out of stock as people attempted to keep their pantries full while quarantining. Lots of products have made their way back to store shelves. However, back at the beginning of August, the makers of one essential item said their product wouldn't be available until 2021. But it's just been sighted at Costco!

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are being sold at some locations across the country, according to the Instagram account @CostcoHotFinds. The packs of five (which add up to a whopping 425 wipes!) are a hot commodity. So much so that the owner of the account says she received many comments asking her about them. Go early, she says, and ask an employee if they have any packs she says she paid $14.99 for.

Over 150 comments from other Costco fans say going late might also work. Some say they were able to snag some by shopping right before the store closed for the night. Limits on how many packs customers can buy vary from store to store. Unfortunately, some people say their store had them but were out by the time they tried to pick some up.

The CEO of Clorox told Reuters in early August that the company wouldn't be able to get back to pre-pandemic stock levels for a little while. That's because of the sharp increase in demand within the last few months. It's also because of the substance the wipes are made of. It's called spunlace and it's also used to make protective gear like masks, medical gowns, and medical wipes.

"Disinfecting wipes, which are the hottest commodity in the business right now, will probably take longer because it's a very complex supply chain to make them," Benno Dorer told the news outlet. "We feel like it's probably going to take until 2021 before we're able to meet all the demand that we have."

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