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Costco Just Brought Back This Adored Pasta

This festive Halloween pasta is back right on time!

Spooky season is in full swing and there are tons of festive foods out there besides candy and pumpkin-flavored everything. Those two can take a seat for now because America's favorite wholesale retailer now has something else. The Costco Pumpkins and Bats Ravioli from Nuovo Pasta is back!

The pasta blends Italian ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago inside of orange pumpkins and black bats. The Instagram account @costco_doesitagain posted pictures of the product in Costco in Rockwall, Texas. (While this product is on shelves, here are 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

The fun-shaped pasta was in stores for the holiday last year, and almost 20,000 people are excited about its return. Commenters note they "want to get them for the kids," are "OBSESSED," and want it for parties or dinner Halloween night. Pair it with the Kirkland Signature Basil Pesto or the popular Rao's Marinara Sauce and the Aidell's Chicken & Apple Sausage for a boo-tiful meal!

The Costco Pumpkins and Bats Ravioli is fresh, not dry, so you'll find it in the refrigerated section of your location if it is in stock. One 32-ounce pack contains two separate servings. Last year it cost $8.79, but the post didn't say if you'll pay the same this year.

Buying larger quantities of pasta at Costco is never a bad idea. The wholesale retailer has great options at low prices. As if that alone isn't convincing enough to join, here are 40 cheap Costco buys that make the membership worth it.

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