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Costco Is Bringing Back This Beloved Fall Food

Head straight to the bakery section.

Labor Day may still be a while away, but grocery store shelves and restaurant menus are already getting us excited for the cooler-weather season. Starbucks and Dunkin' are kicking off sales of their legendary PSLs and Fall treats earlier than ever, grocery stores are already stocking Halloween candy, and Walmart is selling Fall- and Halloween-themed baking kits.

And now, you're also able to snag one of Costco's most beloved seasonal pies. The popular pumpkin pie has already returned to Costco's bakery section in all its 3.5-pound, golden crust, creamy pumpkin filling glory. If you've never seen or tasted one of these, let us assure you—it's completely delicious and it can feed a crowd. Not to mention, it's selling for $5.99, just like every year.

The announcement on @thecostcoconnoisseur Instagram account caused an outpour of comments from thrilled shoppers. "It is about time SOMETHING good happened in 2020!," and "Literally my favorite pumpkin pie in the world!," were two reactions to the post.

However, some shoppers are reporting they've noticed pie delays at their local Costco locations. "Went to Montclair CA for the pumpkin pie and nope, the lady said they haven't got them yet," read one comment posted within the last 24 hours, while another confirmed the pies weren't available in Las Vegas either.

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Mura Dominko
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