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19 Things Costco Discontinued Forever

These products are gone, but not forgotten.

Loyal Costco members know that the "thrill of the hunt" is a part of the shopping process. The inventory of snacks, clothes, and home goods is constantly changing, and there's always something new to discover. That said, though, it can be disappointing to find a favorite item from Costco's in-house brand, Kirkland Signature, only to learn it's been discontinued.

With that in mind, we've decided to round up some of the beloved items that won't be returning to Costco anytime soon. From the chocolate frozen yogurt to Kirkland Signature Light Beer, there are some items that will only live on in customers' hearts.

And to really show how things have changed at Costco, we're also including things that the warehouse club won't be bringing back because of the coronavirus, not because they've been discontinued. As an essential business, Costco has stayed open during the pandemic. But plenty of things have changed at the retailer over the past few months. Costco shoppers are now required to wear masks, and senior shopping hours are in place. But all of these policies are in place to keep both customers and employees safe—even if it means that free samples were suspended for a bit. Here are all of the things you won't see at Costco again.

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Polish dogs

costco food court

The backlash to Costco's elimination of the Polish dog was so strong that Costco had to make a statement on its website about it. The warehouse chain claims that more customers like the all-beef hot dog than the Polish dog—but we don't see why they couldn't both stay on the menu.

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Handing your membership card to the cashier

costco membership

Before the pandemic, you might have placed your membership card with your items on the belt or handed it to the cashier at checkout. But because payments are becoming contactless when possible, passing your membership card back and forth is an extra step that can be avoided. Instead, expect to hold it up and have the cashier scan it without touching it.

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Outdoor food courts with no membership required

menu signs at the costco food court
Eric Broder Van Dyke/Shutterstock

Frugal Costco hot dog lovers once knew the perfect hack for getting those sweet food deals without paying for an annual membership. You need a membership card to get into the store—but at locations with outdoor food courts, you could walk up and order food without ever setting foot inside.

Unfortunately, that workaround seems to have come to a close. Back in February, shoppers noticed signs saying that starting in March, a membership card would be required to eat at the Costco food court. (BRB, we're doing the math on how to make a $60-a-year membership to buy $1.99 pizza worth it.)

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Grab-and-go samples

samples at costco
David Tonelson/Shutterstock

Free samples were one of the first things to go at Costco during the pandemic. With countless customers reaching for food from a shared tray, it was an easy way for germs to spread. But Costco is reintroducing free samples, with a few changes. You might be handed a sample from a glove-wearing employee, rather than reaching for it yourself.



Garden supply store shelf with containers of RoundUp weed killer

If you're shopping at Costco for yard supplies, Roundup is one thing you won't find in the store aisles. The warehouse club famously stopped selling Roundup after a lawsuit in which a couple alleged that it caused cancer.

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Chocolate soft-serve

frozen vanilla yogurt cup from costco
Emmett Reiner/Shutterstock

Back in the day, Costco sold both vanilla and chocolate soft-serve, and you could even get a swirl of both flavors. But when the chain introduced the acai bowl to the menu in 2018, the chocolate flavor was dropped to make room for the new item in U.S. warehouses.


Cinnamon sugar pretzels

soft pretzels with cheese and mustard

Once upon a time, the Costco food court had soft pretzels, including cinnamon-sugar ones. Now, you'll have to head to mall favorites like Wetzel's Pretzels or Auntie Anne's to get that sweet, doughy goodness.

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Chocolate-dipped ice cream bars

chocolate dipped ice cream bars

The chocolate frozen yogurt isn't the only thing fans miss from the Costco food court. The warehouse chain also once sold chocolate-dipped ice cream bars for just $1.50 each.

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Kirkland Signature mini peanut butter cups

unwrapped peanut butter cups

Loyal fans of these treats would swear they're better than Reese's. Think of them as similar to the mini ones you'd find in the Trader Joe's checkout aisle.


Kirkland Signature light beer

boxes of kirkland signature beer

Sadly, Costco's in-house brand no longer makes light beer. If you're looking for a replacement, we suggest one of these 15 Best Light Beers in America.


Kirkland Signature frozen four-cheese ravioli

frozen ravioli
Nadya So/Shutterstock

Sometimes, you just don't feel like cooking, which is where dishes like this frozen Kirkland ravioli come in. It's gone, but definitely not forgotten.


Kirkland Signature dark chocolate chips

Dark chocolate chips

Another Costco favorite that fans can't find anymore was the dark chocolate chips, which were apparently perfect for baking. "They bake into cookies, muffins, and pancakes incredibly well. They weren't too sweet, had a great flavor, and came in an enormous bag," one customer wrote on a Reddit thread about discontinued Costco products.


Shopping without wearing a mask

costco line coronavirus

The coronavirus vaccine is still far from ready, so don't expect to go shopping without wearing a face mask anytime soon.


Family shopping trips


Before the pandemic, it wasn't uncommon for parents and children to spend a Saturday roaming the Costco aisles. But with social distancing rules in place, it's better to have one member of the household do the shopping, if possible.


Eggs that aren't cage-free

cartons of costco eggs

In its statement on animal welfare, Costco explains that 94% of its eggs are cage-free. And the chain is working to bring that number up to 100%.


Half-sheet cakes

costco sheet cakes

Back in June, Costco shoppers noticed that the half-sheet cakes weren't available in U.S. warehouses. Costco confirmed the news, but don't worry—you can still get round cakes at Costco.


Costco-branded cookbooks

cookbooks shelf

If you have a hard copy of Cooking the Costco Way, treasure it, because it won't be returning to your local warehouse. In a statement on its website, Costco explained that the store is no longer offering the cookbook during the Thanksgiving season. Instead, members can find recipes in the Costco Connection magazine.


Turkey burgers

costco kirkland signature frozen turkey burgers

Do you remember Kirkland Signature frozen turkey burgers? Costco shoppers do—there's even a petition to bring them back.


Employees loading and unloading your cart

Costco wholesale shopping cart

Yes, this was one major perk of shopping at Costco. But with social distancing rules in place, this hasn't always been possible, and there's no guarantee the process will return after a coronavirus vaccine is developed.

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