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Chrissy Teigen's Favorite New Snack Is Actually Healthy For You

She calls it her “healthy snack bite” and it’s genius.

What do you do when you have a recipe you absolutely love? You obviously share it with your friends. And that's exactly what Crissy Teigen did after inventing a little "healthy snack bite" in quarantine. Once she discovered how delicious and addicting her new little recipe was, she decided to share her favorite healthy snack bite with some of her closest friends. And the Internet, of course.

Yet while some friends would simply shoot off recipes in an email or a text, Chrissy naturally decided to take it a step further. She packaged up little bottles and boxes of things her friends would need in order to make this healthy snack bite at home, along with a written out the recipe and a personal note from Chrissy herself. Talk about having a seriously awesome friend.

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What was in her healthy snack bite?

While we would have loved to receive the recipe from Chrissy, we actually saw it in her Instagram stories when she posted about sending these "healthy snack bite" packages to her friends. In the personal note, Chrissy read out what was in the snack bite, so we decided to share the goodness with all of you right here so we could all try it ourselves.

In order to make this healthy snack bite, first, you need a perfectly ripe avocado (you can tell if your avocado is ripe by trying this trick). Once ripe, you're going to scoop out the avocado in a bowl and mix it with two minced garlic cloves as well as a few sprinkles of kosher salt. Scoop a little bit of that avocado goodness onto a cracker, and top it with two halves of sun-gold tomatoes and fermented chili flakes.

Sounds yummy, right? Well, we're going to need to take it a step further. You see, Chrissy doesn't just put her favorite healthy snack bite on any kind of cracker. She specifically sends off boxes of Mary's Gone Crackers, which she deems one of her favorite snacks in quarantine. Once you top them with this little healthy snack bite concoction, you're having the full Chrissy Teigen experience.

Between these healthy crackers, the avocado full of monosaturated fat, and the immune-boosting garlic, this snack is not only yummy, but super healthy for you!

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any other fun Chrissy snacks in the future, but for now, here are 15 Food Lessons We've Learned from Chrissy Teigen.

Kiersten Hickman
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