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Chipotle Says It Will Keep Serving Carne Asada into Early 2020, Fans Rejoice

The juicier, pricier cut is (hopefully) here to stay.

They say good things don't last forever, but when it comes to carne asada, they might be wrong. Chipotle's beloved new menu item, originally listed as "available for a limited time," just became available for a little bit longer than a limited time. As the brand announced during their third-quarter earnings call, fast-casual fans can get it any time through the first few months of 2020.

Carne asada, which is juicier than the regular steak option (and 50 cents pricier), took up residency on Chipotle's menu in September. It was the company's first innovation since they briefly flirted with a chorizo option in 2016. But, while that was just a fling, this is looking like it could be the real deal.

The decision to extend carne asada may have to do with Chipotle's overall recent success. Finally having recovered from that infamously bad string of food safety issues a few years back, their shares are up 72 percent this year, according to a CNBC report, hitting an all-time high in September.

Or it could just be the sheer, unabashed devotion people have developed for the meat.

It's even caused people to jump ship from their fast-casual burrito joint of choice.

And a third even added the highest possible praise: "Actually."

However, even in the wake of the passion this stuff has stirred, it's still TBD if carne asada will stick around forever. According to Chipotle executives, the product's longevity depends on whether or not they can find enough premium cuts to meet demand—without sacrificing the brand's food integrity principles. There are a lot of people willing to cough up the extra 50 cents, and, apparently, a lot fewer farm-not-factory meat options.

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While carne asada plays hard-to-get, though, keep an eye out for other new Chipotle menu experiments. The company announced they're getting involved with salads, quesadillas, and (drum roll, please) Queso Blanco, as well.

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