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Some Chick-Fil-A Locations Will Give You Free Food in Exchange for This

A few locations of the fast-food chain have a clever solution for the national coin shortage.

If you happen to live in Huntsville, Alabama, or Lynchburg, Virginia, you can take the spare change you may have to your local Chick-Fil-A, exchange it for cash, and get a free chicken sandwich for your efforts.

That's right, the national coin shortage has become so dire that a select few Chick-fil-A locations across the country have come up with a clever food-for-change solution. In one Alabama-based Chick-fil-A that started the promotion earlier this month, for every $10 in coins that you bring in, you'll receive a $10 bill and a gift card for a free chicken sandwich.

In a recent Facebook post, the Huntsville location thanked the community for the exchange and noted it's been a huge success. "We were able to get enough coins to last us a couple of weeks," the post said. "With that in mind, we may be doing another one here in the next couple of days with the same premise: with every $10 in coins, we give you a $10 bill and a card for a free chicken sandwich (up to 10 free sandwiches)." (Related: The Best & Worst Foods at Chick-Fil-A.)

A Lynchburg, Virginia Chick-fil-A location has a similar promotion, which they announced on Facebook as, "We need coins and you can help!" At limited and specific times, this spot is accepting rolled coins in exchange for paper bills and a Chick-fil-A gift card that can be used toward a future purchase.

You may be wondering: Why is the fast-food chain—and the country at large—running so short on coins? Blame the coronavirus pandemic, which, in addition to disrupting food supplies at grocery stores and meat for Wendy's hamburgers, has caused disruptions in the Federal Mint delivery system. As a result, coins have been hard to come by, so much so, that some companies, such as Walmart, are asking customers to pay with credit or debit cards instead of cash.

In this case, if you can dig up enough change, you might just be rewarded with a free chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A (if that location is participating). There's no word yet if this will become a nationwide promotion at the fast-food chain.

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