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96 Percent of Grocery Shoppers Buy This Every Shopping Trip

If you can't resist cereal's siren song, you're not alone.

There's an old joke that millennials are killing cereal (along with plenty of other industries), but if this new report is any indication, the industry is doing just fine. A whopping 96 percent of shoppers buy cereal on every grocery run, according to a survey from Shopkick.

Of the tens of thousands of shoppers who responded to Shopkick's survey questions, a third of respondents said they buy one box of cereal on each shopping trip. But a full 41 percent of respondents admitted to buying two boxes every time they visit the grocery store. Clearly, at least in some households, cereal is a staple—and it's one of the most common grocery items at that.

What types of cereal do consumers love?

assorted kinds of cereal

As hard as off-brands try to convince people that their product is the same thing, it looks like cereal is one item where only the brand name will do. Eight-four percent of Shopkick's respondents said they buy brand-name cereals, rather than generic ones.

And in terms of flavor, the sweetened varieties still reign supreme. Forty-five percent of users said they tend to buy "sweet" cereals, while just 20 percent preferred "plain" options, Bakery and Snacks pointed out.

The most surprising thing about the survey, though, might be the strange cereal flavors customers are willing to try. Forty percent of respondents said they'd want to buy everything bagel cereal, and 13 percent would try an avocado toast option, so there's hope yet for fans who don't want a super-sweet cereal bowl for breakfast.

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What was the methodology for the survey?

Sugary cereal

Shopkick, a shopping rewards app, surveyed 43,442 of its users to come up with its data. The survey was conducted from February 14 to February 15, 2019, and the findings were first published in February.

Still, the sample size doesn't represent all American shoppers. CBS News reported last summer that cereal sales are declining as people opt for on-the-go breakfast options. (The Shopkick report, too, found that a third of respondents think of the crunchy treat as a "late-night snack.")

It's a staple in many Americans' pantries, but the way people eat it is changing, too. Whatever time of day customers are eating it, though, cereal is still a must-have for many households.

So whether you enjoy cereal as a morning meal or a late-night snack, you're in good company. The only question now is what type of milk to pair with that delicious bowl.

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