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The Fat-Burning Broth You Can Make in Your Keurig

One of the latest health trends, bone broth, is going mainstream! There are now bone broth k-cups available for your Keurig machines.

It looks like the k-cup trend is really taking off and Keurigs are no longer just for brewing your morning cup of Joe. Campbell's has released fresh-brewed homestyle soups, Nature Valley has created oatmeal bistro cups, and now Lonolife has come out with an all-natural bone broth in two flavors: chicken and beef.

Some of you may ask, "What is this strange bone broth and why would I drink something made from bones?" Well, there's actually a science behind this newest craze. Simply put, bone broth is made from boiling bones in water (usually with vegetables and some spices) for a long period of time, which results in a belly fat-burning gelatin that has all the vitamins and minerals extracted from the bones. At the end of the cooking, the bones will crumble, indicating that the nutrients from them have been released into the broth and are now yours to ingest. We think these fat burning soup recipes are pretty great ways to stay healthy in the winter months, but why not throw some bone broth in there, too?

These recyclable bone broth k-cups cost around $20 for a box of ten, but the health benefits of these bad boys will make it well worth that pretty penny. Start sipping these once a day and see how you feel; many people report feeling brand-new! These tasty broths are not only full of flavor but also rich in protein and minerals. Bone broth is known to improve nutrient absorption, boost your digestive system, diminish joint and cartilage pain, and even help soothe a hangover.

Now, who doesn't like the sound of that? But don't get ahead of yourself- just like every other health trend and superfood out there, you'll reap the most benefits if you also have a nutrient-rich balanced diet and stay active.