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BJ's & Sam's Club Are Now Selling This Beloved Burger Brand

You can even find it at Costco as well!

Right on the heels of Walmart and Trader Joe's, both BJ's Wholesale and Sam's Club recently announced their latest offering in the meat section of their stores—plant-based burgers! Starting Monday, Aug. 2, both of these grocery stores will be selling Beyond Meat, a  burger that has up to 20 grams of plant-based protein in each patty.

This particular offering is a response after the success of selling plant-based meat options through a test Sam's Club recently ran to gauge customer interest. After seeing a positive response from consumers, places like Costco, BJ's Wholesale, and Sam's Club have locked down permanent partnerships with Beyond Meat in a majority of these stores across the United States.

How are they selling this product?

As of now, these club stores are selling Beyond Burgers in an 8-pack. Each package is sold at a reasonable price and, according to a press release from Beyond Meat, it is "designed to increase accessibility through affordability and convenience" by making plant-based burgers a viable option at large retailers.

beyond burger packs in grocery store cart
Courtesy of Beyond Meat

"Having entered all national conventional retailers in the US, we looked for where the white space existed and club stores were the next logical step towards increasing accessibility to plant-based meat among mainstream consumers," says Chuck Muth, chief growth officer of Beyond Meat, in their press release. "By offering the Beyond Burger in a larger format, we're able to provide value to consumers and a more accessible entry point for those looking to try a plant-based option for the first time or increase their adoption of plant-based meat. With the added focus on retail the past few months as well as a shift towards less frequent, stock-up style shopping trips, our distribution in club stores has been especially critical."

What's in the Beyond Burger?

Even though plant-based meat is on the rise, it can be confusing for consumers who have never tried such a product before. For the skeptics: Beyond Meat prides itself on serving a plant-based burger with healthy, natural ingredients. Each burger does not contain any soy or gluten, and also has no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones.

Compared to the average 80/20 beef burger, Beyond Burgers provide 35% less saturated fat and less total fat overall.

The 20 grams of protein comes from a compilation of plant-based products including peas, mung beans, and rice. This goes with Beyond Meat's visitation to be a "global protein company capable of serving consumer's growing demand for delicious, nutritious, and sustainable protein."

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Kiersten Hickman
Kiersten Hickman is a freelance health and nutrition journalist. Read more about Kiersten