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This Restaurant Chain Just Closed Its Dining Rooms Again

Nearly 30% of BJ's Restaurants nationwide are not able to offer indoor dining at this time.

In the past six weeks, the number of new coronavirus cases doubled, which means the U.S. has had at least 4 million positive cases since the pandemic began in March. The spike comes after many states reopened businesses entirely, and as a result, many are shutting down once again in specific states. BJ's is one restaurant chain that announced was forced to shutter 30% of its dining rooms, all of which are located in one state.

The restaurant chain is based out of Huntington Beach, California, the state in which recently reported having more coronavirus cases than New York—the former epicenter of the pandemic. In mid-July, Governor Gavin Newsom closed all indoor dining and bars across California, which means 62 BJ's restaurants were forced to shutter their dining rooms. This prompted the chain to announce, just yesterday, that "70% of our restaurant dining rooms are open today, in a limited capacity, compared to 95% in late June."

Of course, with the rolling national seven-day average of new infections surpassing 66,000 cases per day, (double the amount it was less than a month ago) the mandated closures are necessary to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Still, many locations are able to remain open in California, offering both outdoor dining and takeaway orders.

"These efforts have allowed us to continue to serve our guests in locations where indoor dining is not currently permitted and to expand our seating where dine-in capacity is limited," Greg Trojan, CEO of Bj's, said about outdoor dining in a statement. "As a result, our restaurants are currently maintaining approximately 60% of historical business volumes compared to June when our restaurants recaptured more than 70% of historical business volumes."

Nationwide, dine-in services are either limited or not available in about 208 BJ's locations across 29 states. The good news? Only one location has temporarily closed and despite new dining restrictions, the company plans on opening one more location in Orange Village, Ohio by the end of the year.

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