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These 5 States Need to Lockdown Now, Says Birx

The coronavirus response coordinator sounded the alarm this weekend.

The coronavirus outbreak in the South is moving North. With an explosion of cases in Florida, Texas, Alabama and Georgia, authorities are now worried for the rest of America—and are advising certain states shut down. "On a visit to Kentucky on Sunday,  Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the Trump administration's coronavirus response coordinator, said several states in the region should reinstate bar closures and restrictions on public gatherings to quell the rise of infections," reports the New York Times. "We do believe that there are states that do need to close their bars, to decrease indoor gatherings to less than 10 and to decrease social gatherings to less than 10 to really make it possible to control the pandemic before it gets worse," Dr. Birx said at a news conference. Read on to see the full list of states she mentioned.



LOUISVILLE, KY, USA - JULY 10, 2016: Fourth Street Live an entertainment and retail complex located in Louisville Kentucky.

"It appears that bars in Kentucky may be ordered closed again to stop the spread of COVID-19 as the state continues to post high numbers of daily cases— though Sunday's new cases of 316 declined from the past week with record highs of 800 or more," reports USA Today. "I will not let us become an Alabama or a Florida or an Arizona," Gov. Andy Beshear said on Sunday. "We've got to take proactive steps."



Indianapolis, Indiana, USA skyline over Soliders' and Sailors' Monument at dusk.

"The numbers of Hoosiers testing positive for the coronavirus have rocketed in the past few weeks prompting Governor Holcomb's statewide face mask order to go into effect Monday," reports Fox59. "From June 20-26, there was a seven day daily positive test result average of 4.5% across Indiana, 3.8% in Marion County. A month later, with more tests than ever being conducted, the seven day state daily positive test result average is 11.5% compared to 9.2% in Marion County."



Columbus, Ohio, USA skyline on the Scioto River.

"We have seven states right now with less than 2% test positivity. Ohio is almost to seven so this is why we're concerned, and this is why we believe that if every Ohioan acts now they can change the course of this pandemic," said Dr. Birx. "News 5 was told she applauded the statewide masks mandate put in place, but said more needs to be done, suggesting bars and restaurants need to close earlier to avoid overwhelming hospitals across the state with a surge of COVID-19 cases," reports the news channel.



Honky-tonks on Lower Broadway

Despite a rise in cases and deaths, Gov. Bill Lee "has continued to support his belief 'buy-in' will be more effective than a mandate and leaving the decision on mandates to local leadership," reports Fox 17. "The most effective way to get people to wear a mask is to get buy-in," Gov. Lee stated. "A mandate for mandate's sake is not an effective approach."

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Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown skyline on the James River.

"On Saturday, Virginia surpassed 1 million recorded coronavirus tests and reported 1,245 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the combined total of confirmed and probable infections to just over 83,600," reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "If the numbers don't come down, we may have to take additional steps to blunt the spread of this virus," Gov. Ralph Northam said. "Wear a mask and practice physical distancing so we don't have to move back."


The "Three New Yorks" Are Still Raging

Florida Health and FDEM COVID-19 Mobile Testing Facility. Walk-up coronavirus testing site at Miami Beach, Florida

Regarding the rising cases in Arizona, Texas and Florida, Dr. Birx told the Today Show on Friday: "What we have right now are essentially three New Yorks," referring to the onetime epicenter of the pandemic. Florida, in fact, just surpassed New York to become second to only California in the number of cases.


How to Avoid COVID-19 In Your State

woman adjusting a trendy textile face mask behind her ear.

To stay healthy no matter where you live, wear your face mask, get tested if you think you have COVID-19, avoid crowds (and bars, and house parties), practice social distancing, only run essential errands, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 37 Places You're Most Likely to Catch Coronavirus.

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