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This Beloved Pizza Chain Just Closed Half of its Locations

Over half of this restaurant’s locations are now permanently closed.

As states reclose restaurants and bars because of an increase in COVID-19 cases, the return to normalcy seems further and further away.

Because of this, the list of permanently closed restaurants keeps getting longer as they struggle to keep up with business costs with fewer people dining in. Unfortunately, there is a new addition to the group. Southern California-based chain PizzaRev closed about half of its locations.

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The restaurant offers 11-inch pizza pies made to your exact liking. Choose from four different crust options, five sauce options, and six kinds of cheese. Then comes an endless number of toppings that include spicy pepperoni, Beyond Meat Italian sausage, and tons of veggies. But customers in some states won't be able to order at all anymore.

Eight locations in Los Angeles were shut down recently, according to Restaurant Business. Las Vegas saw the three locations there close in May. In April, a location in Round Rock, Texas closed, and in January, Jackson, Tennessee lost a location, too. Three stores shut down in Memphis last year. PizzaRev closing these means, according to its website, the chain has 13 open locations now in Virginia, South Dakota, Tennessee, New York, and California.

The craft-your-own pizza restaurant saw hardships even before the pandemic. What once was a thriving business that received support and investment from Buffalo Wild Wings and offered customers trendy ways of customizing their pizza (like cauliflower crust), turned sour. PizzaRev closing some locations means now there are just over a dozen stores when there used to be 44.

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Some of your other favorite fast-casual restaurant chains are seeing similar struggles to PizzaRev. Friendly's has laid-off workers, IHOP has closed some locations, Joe's Crab Shack can't pay rent, and Houlihan's, as well as Chuck E. Cheese, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Stay on top of all restaurant news by signing up for our newsletter!

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