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This Beloved Fast-Casual Chain is Handing Out Free Coffee All Summer Long

Yep, do one simple thing and get free coffee or tea until September.

Summer and iced coffee go together like a sweet pastry and a cup of tea. And while other restaurants are announcing new drinks and food, one fast-casual chain is sticking with one of their customer favorites just in time for the sunny and warm weather. And they are making it more widely available — aka free.

To celebrate summer, Panera is giving away a free cup of coffee or tea throughout the season! The deal covers a hot or iced coffee or tea and goes until September 7. The announcement comes after the official Panera Twitter account asked fans on social media to vote in a poll if they wanted free coffee all summer.

If over 500,000 people voted yes, then they would make it happen. Not surprisingly, only 12% of the over 588,000 people who answered voted no, they would rather pay, so they honored their word! Here's how you can get free Panera coffee or tea for the next few weeks.

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First, customers need to sign up for a <MyPanera+ Coffee subscription, which can only be done if you already have a regular free MyPanera account that tracks rewards and orders. Usually, the MyPanera+ Coffee service is $8.99 a month and gets you a free cup no matter what. But in honor of their successful poll, the company is waiving the subscription fee until September 7.

Hurry because you have until July 4 to sign up at no cost. As of June 24, over 100,000 people have already subscribed, according to a tweet from the official Panera Twitter. Finally, all you have to do is place an order in the store, drive-thru, online, or through the Panera app. They take care of the rest.

This fast-casual favorite isn't the only restaurant to announce menu switch-ups for the summer. Starbucks is now serving an Impossible Breakfast Sandwich made with plant-based sausage. Plus, Chipotle has finally announced the arrival of quesadillas, although they are only available to order online as a "secret" menu item. To get all of the latest menu news, sign up for our newsletter!

Amanda McDonald
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