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Sales of This Alcohol Are Skyrocketing

More people are buying it at convenience stores by the billions.

While the champagne industry has taken a hard hit thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the beer industry is seeing the opposite. Sales for hard ciders, seltzers, and core beer are up — and keep rising.

For the week ending on August 1, beer sales at convenience stores rose 16.7% compared to the same week in 2019, according to Brewbound and data from Nielsen. Sales at other stores, like supermarkets, increased 9.9% the same week.

"During the early stages of COVID, growth rates of the grocery channel were close to double the growth rates of the convenience channel," says Nielsen's VP of beverage alcohol practice Danelle Kosmal. "The bounce back of c-store, which of course is beer's most important channel, is another sign that consumers have settled into a 'next' normal."

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That "normal" includes massive beer profits. In fact, the week ending on August 1 was the 11th week of beer sales going over $1 billion.

Several states are seeing beer's popularity growing at off-premise stores (not including convenience stores) rise since on-premise sales are lower. Many have bar and restaurant restrictions to limit the spread of the coronavirus. California saw an increase of 14.3% for the week, while Florida saw a 10% increase. Ohio, New York, and Illinois all saw beer sales rise over 5%.

But with this growth in off-premise sales, craft beer and breweries are suffering, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. Around 40% of craft beer is sold at places like bars, restaurants, and breweries. With many of those closed for dining in, brewers in New Hampshire couldn't get their product out like usual.

The higher number of sales at stores during the pandemic can be attributed to having a cold one to ease the stress put on by the pandemic. Stats show that people have been drinking more since March. But if you're having a beer or two a day, it's important to know exactly what's happening to your body. Here's What Happens When You Drink Beer Every Night.

Amanda McDonald
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