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This State Just Shut Down Bars For At Least Another Month

Another state joins the list of those that are shutting down again after reopening.

One state experiencing huge increases in COVID-19 cases has shut down bars again after reopening them in May. There were 13,000 cases in Arizona on May 15, but at the end of June, that number was almost 75,000, according to the Associated Press.

In an executive order signed on June 29, Governor Ducey announced that bars, indoor gyms, movie theaters, and water parks will be closed until at least July 27. The order did say that bars could still serve alcohol to customers through takeout, delivery, and drive-thru windows. It also forbids groups of over 50 people from gathering unless there is sufficient social distancing. In the restaurant reopening guide from the office of the governor, it says that there can be no parties larger than 10 people and that employees should wear masks.

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After announcing the executive order, Gov. Ducey expressed the importance of wearing a mask. "Arm yourself with a mask. It's your best defense against the virus," he says. "We are going to do what is necessary, and I mean whatever is necessary, to protect the lives and livelihoods of Arizonans." Several cities issued mandatory mask orders despite the lack of one on the state level — Phoenix being one. But the number of cases is so high that hospital capacity is currently at 84%. Over 1,500 people in the state have died of the virus.

Arizona is the latest state to reverse reopening phases as cases grow. Bars in Florida were shut down, and like in Arizona, they can only serve alcohol to-go. Bars in seven counties in California including L.A. County are also closed.

The governor of New Jersey announced that restaurants won't be allowed to serve customers inside indefinitely. Governor Cuomo of New York is considering doing the same, even though cases in these two east-coast states are steadily declining.

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