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Aldi Is Recalling This Popular Seasonal Fruit From Its Stores

The produce is being pulled after several customers have fallen ill.

After onions, frozen shrimp, and cheese dips and salsas, Salmonella has been detected on yet another item in the produce aisle.

Peaches purchased at Aldi grocery stores in at least 20 states are being investigated as the culprit of several new cases of Salmonella, Newsweek reports.

The peaches were available for purchase in 2-pound bags and in bulk at Aldi stores as well as via Instacart. The grocer removed any remaining product from their shelves by Wednesday.

While Aldi said in a statement that it's pulling the peaches as a precaution, the FDA and CDC are investigating reports of 68 shoppers falling ill with a Salmonella infection after purchasing the fruit from Aldi stores on June 1.

The first person falling sick in connection to this outbreak reported feeling ill on June 29, while the most recent person reported symptoms on August 3. While there have been no recorded fatalities, at least 14 people have been hospitalized so far.

The CDC advised Aldi customers to discard any existing peaches from the retailer, even if some of them have been eaten and no one has gotten sick.

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Mura Dominko
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